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Holiday Destination


"Fishin" is a top-down tactical strategy game I helped conceptualize and develop for a game-design class in my 2021 Fall Semester of college. I was part of the two-man team responsible for creating and presenting the initial premise, art style and game features, and served as the game's Art Director and Co-Director for a team of seven once our idea was chosen. During development I also worked as a 2D animator, concept artist and illustrator.

Art Team:
Ben Hornyak - Co-Director, Art Director, 2D animator and artist
Trey Rigsby - Head Writer, 3D animator, 2D animator
Aubrey Northam - 3D modeler, Technical Animation
Trey Riffey - UI & Background artist

Programming team:
Isaac Gann - Co Director, Gameplay, Interface, Level Design
Kyle Padilla - Programming Director, AI
Curtis Brummit - Minigames, Animation Implementation

Cory Halterman - Fishin' main theme and Level 1 theme

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