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Miscellaneous Sculptures

Various sculptures made over the past 3 semesters.


Wire Drawing Bear:

Bear made from bent ¼” steel rod and plasma cut ¾” steel plate.  Head design created in Rhino 7.


Greg Fishing:

Wood carved statue depicting unfortunate fisherman, Greg.  Carved using angle grinders, chisels, and carving knives.


Baby Lamp:

Assemblage of Mardi-Gras babies burnt out in furnace then cast using lost-wax method.  Hole drilled and light fixture attached which feeds into doll-head. Liver of sulfur patina applied afterward.


Welded Nails Statue:

Figural Statue made from scrap metal rod and old nails welded together.

IMG-6859 (1).jpg

Wood Turning Project:

Wood project exploring wood bending and lathe turning. Main body made on lathe then cut into fourths and steam-bent open to accept two other lathe turned pieces.

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