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Music Video Done Backwards

A collaborative project between my brother and I done for a UAH summer grant. In it, I created a music video before any music was created in the hopes that I would be able to guide the creation of a song through use of different visual tones and rhythms. For the creation of the video, each of the moving characters were first modeled and animated in Maya, then - frame-by-frame - each character was exported as an .stl file, 3D printed on UAH’s Photon Mono X 3D resin printer, and swapped in and out to create a full-replacement stop motion animation. The backgrounds and supporting elements were created predominately with painted cardboard and spray-foam insulation. Music by Logan Hornyak, Melaina Kol.
Big thanks to Vinny Argentina for helping me out along the way, Chris Taylor for giving me access to the sculpture shop, and Jose Betancourt for allowing me to use his lighting studio to shoot over the summer, as well as Tiffany Hawkins and Michael McGinley for helping out with scene fabrication and storyboarding.

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